There’s a Robot in My Socks

4U2B Books and Media
Hardcover; September 2024

The Second Book in the Mighty Moods Series — Coming Sept 2024!

Beep, boop, bop! This robot won’t stop! Jamie has a robot in her socks that makes sure things go just right. But when a trip to Grandma’s house messes up Jamie’s routine, will her robot start to fritz and fight?

Filled with catchy rhymes and lively illustrations, this Mighty Moods story is the perfect read-aloud for parents and kids who might discover they have robots that get nervous about change—and that’s okay!

Rusu perfectly captures the black and white thinking of childhood, as Jamie insists that nothing at her Gram’s house is the way it should be. But there’s a deeper message here, too, and adult readers will relish the valuable lesson that a little grace can go a long way. [A] playful depiction of how to handle life’s curveballs (and robots!) — Booklife by PW

A sweet and playful yet serious story. — Kirkus Reviews