How did you get started writing children’s books?

I worked as a children’s book editor for more than ten years before switching to freelance. I gained a lot of experience working with other authors, editors, and licensors during that time, and that helped me to develop my own craft.

Did you always know you wanted to be a children’s book author?

Kind of. I actually used to want to write for children’s television. I watched a lot of cartoons growing up. A LOT. And probably until I was far older than the intended target audience. I always loved paying attention to the storylines, dialogue, underlying plots, themes, and moods. And I used to imagine how I would have done the story differently. I never realized that could translate into writing book tie-ins for children’s television and toys so well, but it does!

What are your favorite books to write?

I think picture books are my favorite because there’s something so beautiful about how simple yet rich the text can be. I love finding the balance between what the words convey and what the art shows. I also enjoy writing chapter books because there’s so much room to explore layered character development and in-depth storylines.

Do you have an agent?

For original work, I am represented by Elizabeth Rudnick with Gillian MacKenzie Agency.

Are you taking on new licenses or projects?

All the time! If you are an editor interested in learning more about my licensed writing, editorial samples, and availability, please send me a message on my contact page.

Do you ever use a pen name?

Yes. I’ve written under the pen name Ada Hopper for The DATA Set chapter book series, and sometimes under the pen name Anna Holmes.

Where do you live?

I live in New Jersey with lots of family in the tri-state area.

Do you have any kids?

Yup! Two boys. They’re very active!

Do you do events and school visits?

Yes! Visiting schools and sharing my books with the children is one of the best parts of my job. If you’d like to schedule an author event or school visit, please reach out on my contact page for more information.

Can you send me a free book?

Unfortunately, I can’t. But you can ask your school or public library to order my books if they don’t already have them in stock. Or you can buy them online or at your local bookstore!

Where can I buy your books?

You can find my books online at websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookstore. If you click on any book in my book list, it will bring you to the Amazon.com page.